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About Us

The Team of Schopix

Cameron Schopen

Creative Director

Abigail Schopen

Project Manager

Brock Wolford

Director of Photography

Serge Usicov

Choreographer and Editor

John Henderson

Editor and AC

"I fell in love with video making in 6th grade when my sisters and I started recording stories of our stuffed animals. Ten years and a million experiences and editing hours later, I'm finally pursuing a film and animation career at full force. I've always wanted to do YouTube content, but was always too indecisive to settle down on one channel idea or one content idea. In 2006, we started a brand idea called Imaginature Productions, named after our fantasy world Imaginature, now known as Imagea, doing simple slideshow movies in Windows Movie Maker of family and friends. The technical means of animation felt so out of reach, but my mind was blown when I realized in 2011 that modern editing made it possible for anyone with a few hundred bucks for software to make amazing stuff (I was growing up alongside the technology - my first computer class in 2001 saved our homework on 1 megabyte floppy disks!) I realized filmmakers made their passion their living - and couldn't imagine doing anything less with my life. YouTube became a platform for fan fiction animated shorts of game characters such as those from Blizzard's Overwatch, and are now there to bridge people to the original Schopix world of Imagea." ~ Cam

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