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S C H O P I X      A  I


Schopix AI is a project begun in December 2022 with the Prime Genesis series, a collection of 1/1 unique pieces of AI generated art with the theme of "Prism". As the future evolves and humans explore the relationship between art and AI, Schopix Studios believes that all art is subjective and subjectively all art's merit is valid. In response to much adversity on the topic from traditional artists, understanding the process by which AI learns and creates its own art can give its own appreciation for just how far the human race has come. Although AI art will radically change business, human created aesthetics as an art form will never be replaced by AI - this genre is merely a new chapter.


Phase I

Schopix Prime Genesis is a collection of the first 555 AI art pieces generated by Schopix Studios as featured on the Schopix AI Instagram page. Each unique piece doubles as a token of membership to exclusive Schopix Studios holder benefits, of three distinct tiers of rarity: 500 common, 50 rare, and 5 legendary. Contact Schopix by email or Instagram to learn how to invest before the public sale. The public sale date is currently TBD.

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Phase II

In the future, a new collection of 1,000 previously created 1/1 pieces will go live for a public mint. This mint will have five rarity tiers, and all holders will gain exclusive access to Schopix Studios content.

For more info, join our communities and get to know us.





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